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About Us

BBLux Lashes is a beauty company driven to providing premium faux mink lashes. BBLux was born in 2020 our passion is to make an impact in the beauty industry. Our CEO Abbie Badgett is a Marketing and Communications major at Simmons University and she created bbluxlashes because she wanted more luxurious brands for Black people and POC. So BBLux Lashes became the offspring to her budding makeup page on Instagram.
"I want to see more Black businesses and I love makeup and beauty, so bbluxlashes is my way of contributing to that. Plus everybody needs a great pair of lashes." - Abbie B. 
At bbluxlashes we want the consumer to feel effortlessly beautiful, so we provide lashes for every eye shape and every occasion. Our lashes are lightweight and durable making them easy to apply so you can use them over and over again. Our goal is to break away from the crowd and to provide only the best premium lashes.